Whether you're buying, leasing, or financing, if you are doing business with Florida real estate, you need an experienced Florida attorney to guide you through the pitfalls and intricacies.

After years of experience examining legal title, negotiating and litigating contracts, and drafting customized agreements, McCullough Legal Services is equipped to help you through the most challenging of obstacles.

Business and Corporate

Creation of a business entity is no easy task for even the most savvy entrepreneur. With a trusted advisor, you can create an operating agreement or partnership agreement that ensures that your interests are fairly represented.

Probate and Estate

When safeguarding your property against the uncertainty of probate proceedings, a strong will or trust agreement is critical to guarantee that your legacy is passed on to your heirs without difficult court proceedings. Together we can create documents that will do what you want and survive the test of time.

Trial Consultation

If you've been representing yourself pro se, and trial is right around the corner, don't show up to the gunfight unarmed. In a pinch, McCullough Legal Services can stand up for you at trial, or team up with your existing counsel to make sure you've got the best prepared lawyer in town.